Accepted Papers

Full Papers

A Debt-Aware Learning Approach for Resource Adaptations in Cloud Elasticity Management

Carlos Mera-Gómez, Francisco Ramírez, Rami Bahsoon, Rajkumar Buyya

A QoS-Aware Resource Allocation Controller for Function as a Service (FaaS) Platform

MohammadReza HoseinyFarahabady, Young Choon Lee, Albert Y. Zomaya, Zahir Tari

A Variability Model for Store-oriented Software Ecosystems: An Enterprise Perspective

Bahar Jazayeri, Olaf Zimmermann, Gregor Engels, Dennis Kundisch

An analysis of RESTful APIs offerings in the industry

Antonio Gamez-Diaz, Pablo Fernandez, Antonio Ruiz-Cortes

An Approach to Modeling and Discovering Event Correlations for Service Collaboration

Meiling Zhu, Chen Liu, Jianwu Wang, Shen Su, Yanbo Han

An Artifact-driven Approach to Monitor Business Processes Through Real-world Objects

Giovanni Meroni, Claudio Di Ciccio, Jan Mendling

An Automatic Approach for Migrating IoT applications to RESTful Services on the Cloud

Yu Zhao, Ying Zou, Joanna Ng, Daniel Alencar da Costa

An Embedding based Factorization Machine Approach for Web Service QoS Prediction

Yaoming Wu, Fenfang Xie, Liang Chen, Chuan Chen, Zibin Zheng

App Update Patterns: How Developers Act on User Reviews in Mobile App Stores

Shance Wang, Zhongjie Wang, Xiaofei Xu, Quanzheng Sheng

ARA-Assessor: Application-Aware Runtime Risk Assessment for Cloud-Based Business Continuity

Min Fu, Shiping Chen, Jian Yang, Surya Nepal, Liming Zhu

BenchFoundry: A Benchmarking Framework for Cloud Storage Services

David Bermbach, Jörn Kuhlenkamp, Akon Dey, Arunmoezhi Ramachandran, Alan Fekete, Stefan Tai

Cataloger: Catalog Recommendation Service for IT Change Requests

Anup Kumar Kalia, Jin Xiao, Muhammed Bulut, Maja Vukovic, Nikos Anerousis

Cloud Certification Process Validation using Formal Methods

Maria Krotsiani, Christos Kloukinas, George Spanoudakis

Compound Trace Clustering to Generate Accurate and Simple Sub-Process Models

Yaguang Sun, Bernhard Bauer, Matthias Weidlich

Confidence-aware Reputation Bootstrapping in Composite Service Environments

Lie Qu, Athman Bouguettaya

Continuous Learning as a Service for Conversational Virtual Agents

Shivali Agarwal, Shubham Atreja, Gargi Dasgupta

Costradamus: A Cost-Tracing System for Cloud-based Software Services

Jörn Kuhlenkamp, Markus Klems

Deadlock-Freeness Verification of Business Process Configuration using SOG

Souha Boubaker, Kais Klai, Katia Schmitz, Mohamed Graiet, Walid Gaaloul

ECHO: An Adaptive Orchestration Platform for Hybrid Dataflows across Cloud and Edge Resources

Pushkar Ravindra, Aakash Khochare, Siva Prakash Reddy, Sarthak Sharma, Prateeksha Varshney, Yogesh Simmhan

Energy Efficient Scheduling of Application Components via Brownout and Approximate Markov Decision Process

Minxian Xu, Rajkumar Buyya

Ensuring and Assessing Architecture Conformance to Microservice Decomposition Patterns

Uwe Zdun, Elena Navarro, Frank Leymann

Personalized Quality Centric Service Recommendation

Yiwen Zhang, Xiaofei Ai, Qiang He, Xuyun Zhang, Wanchun Dou, Feifei Chen, Liang Chen, Yun Yang

Polly: A Language-Based Approach for Custom Change Detection of Web Service Data

Elyas Ben Hadj Yahia, Jean-Rémy Falleri, Laurent Réveillère

Predicting the Evolution of Service Value Features from User Reviews for Continuous Service Improvement

Xu Chi, Haifang Wang, Zhongjie Wang, Shiping Chen, Xiaofei Xu

Probabilistic Qualitative Preference Matching in Long-term IaaS Composition

Sajib Mistry, Athman Bouguettaya, Hai Dong, Abdelkarim Erradi

Revenue-Driven Service Provisioning for Resource Sharing in Mobile Cloud Computing

Hongyue Wu, Shuiguang Deng, Wei Li, Qiang Yang, Jianwei Yin, Zhaohui Wu, Albert Y. Zomaya

RISE: Resolution of Identity through Similarity Establishment on Unstructured Job Descriptions

Rakesh Rameshrao Pimplikar, Kalapriya Kannan, Abhik Mondal, Joydeep Mondal, Sushant Saxena, Gyana Parija, Chandra Devulapalli

Risk-based Proactive Process Adaptation

Andreas Metzger, Philipp Bohn

RobOps: Robust control for cloud-based services

Cheng Chen, Jordi Arjona Aroca, Diego Lugones

Serverless Execution of Scientific Workflows

Qingye Jiang, Young Choon Lee, Albert Y. Zomaya

Similarity computation exploiting the semantic and syntactic inherent structure among job titles

Sarthak Ahuja, Joydeep Mondal, Sudhanshu Shekhar Singh, David Glenn George

Social-Sensor Cloud Service for Scene Reconstruction

Tooba Aamir, Athman Bouguettaya, Hai Dong, Sajib Mistry, Abdelkarim Erradi

Validation of Service Blueprint models by means of formal simulation techniques

Montserrat Estañol, Esperanza Marcos, Xavier Oriol, Francisco Javier Pérez, Ernest Teniente, Juan Manuel Vara


Short Papers

A Deep Learning Approach for Quality-Aware Long-term Service Composition

Hamza Labbaci, Brahim Medjahed, Youcef Aklouf

A Market-based Approach for Detecting Malware in the Cloud via Introspection

Nada Alruhaily, Carlos Mera-Gomez, Tom Chothia, Rami Bahsoon

A Tree-based Reliability Analysis for Fault-Tolerant Web Services Composition

Yanjun Shu, Decheng Zuo, Hongwei Liu, Quan Z. Sheng, Wei Emma Zhang

ATLAS: A World-wide Travel Assistant exploiting Service-based Adaptive Technologies

Antonio Bucchiarone, Martina De Sanctis, Annapaola Marconi

Automated Analysis of Cloud Offerings for Optimal Service Provisioning

José María García, Octavio Martín-Díaz, Pablo Fernandez, Antonio Ruiz-Cortés, Miguel Toro

Automated Generation of REST API Specification From Plain HTML Documentation

Hanyang Cao, Jean-Rémy Falleri, Xavier Blanc

Design and Evaluation of a Self-Service Delivery Framework

Constantin Adam, Nikos Anerousis, Fatih Bulut, Robert Filepp, Anup Kalia, Brian Peterson, John Rofrano, Maja Vukovic, Jin Xiao

Efficient Influential Individuals Discovery on Service-Oriented Social Networks: A Community-Based Approach

Fanghua Ye, Jiahao Liu, Chuan Chen, Guohui Ling, Zibin Zheng, Yuren Zhou

Efficient Keyword Search for Building Service-based Systems based on Dynamic Programming

Qiang He, Rui Zhou, Xuyun Zhang, Yanchun Wang, Dayong Ye, Feifei Chen, Shiping Chen, John Grundy, Yun Yang

Empirical Study on REST APIs usage in Android Mobile Applications

Mohamed Ameziane OUMAZIZ, Abdelkarim Belkhir, Tristan Vacher, Eric Beaudry, Xavier Blanc, Jean-Rémy Falleri, Naouel Moha

Formally Modeling, Executing, and Testing Service-Oriented Systems with UML and OCL

Loli Burgueño, Martin Gogolla

Improving Web Services Design Quality Using Dimensionality Reduction Techniques

Hanzhang Wang, Marouane Kessentini

Inferring Calling Relationship Based on External Observation for Microservice Architecture

Shinya Kitajima, Naoki Matsuoka

Large-scale and Adaptive Service Composition Using Deep Reinforcement Learning

Hongbing Wang, Mingzhu Gu, Qi Yu, Huanhuan Fei, Jiajie Li, Yong Tao

Middleware for Dynamic Upgrade Activation and Compensations in Multi-tenant SaaS Applications

Dimitri Van Landuyt, Fatih Gey, Eddy Truyen, Wouter Joosen

Modernization of Information Systems at An Approach based on Gap Analysis and ADM

Marcos López-Sanz, Valeria de Castro, Esperanza Marcos, Jorge Moratalla

Predicting the Available Bandwidth on Intra Cloud Network Links for Deadline Constrained Workflow Scheduling in Public Clouds

Rachael Ann Shaw, Enda Barrett, Enda Howley

Quark: A Methodology to Transform People-Driven Processes to Chatbot Services

Anup Kumar Kalia, Pankaj Telang, Jin Xiao, Maja Vukovic

Supporting the Decision of Migrating to Microservices through Multi-layer Fuzzy Cognitive Maps

Andreas Christoforou, Martin Garriga, Andreas S. Andreou, Luciano Baresi

Trustless Intermediation in Blockchain-based Decentralized Service Marketplaces

Markus Klems, Jacob Eberhardt, Stefan Tai, Steffen Härtlein, Simon Buchholz, Ahmed Tidjani