ICSOC 2017 – Transportation

Detailed information about the location of the campus and how to reach it.

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María Zambrano Central Station Conference Venue City Center East Zone West Zone
Airport Train line C1 Train line C1
Metro line 1
Train line C1
10-15 min. walk or Taxi
Train Line C1
Bus route 11
Train line C1
Metro line 2
María Zambrano Central Station Metro line 1 10-15 min. walk 5 min. walk
Bus route 11
Metro line 2
Conference Venue Bus route 11
Metro line 1
10-15 min. walk
Bus route 11 Metro line 1+2 (no need to change trains)
City Center Bus route 11
Night time: bus route N1
Bus route 3
Night time: bus route N1
East Zone Bus route 3

Between the airport and the city centre

Line C1 Fuengirola – Málaga – RENFE local trains connect with Terminal T3 at Malaga airport. The suburban train station is located opposite Terminal T3 and can be accessed from the exterior arrivals area of Terminal T3, and the forecourt of the departures area through the transport hub building.
The local train towards Malaga connects the airport with the Málaga Centro -Alameda station (end of the line). Before this station there is María Zambrano Central Station, which is a hub train station with high velocity trains (AVE to Madrid or Seville), medium and long-distance trains, and line 1 of the Málaga Metro network to the university.
The journey time between Málaga Centro – Alameda and the airport is around 12 minutes. Trains start running from the airport at 06:44 until 00:54 and run every 20 minutes or so, depending on the time of day. One-way tickets cost 1.80€.


Malaga airport has a taxi rank situated at the arrivals’ exit of Terminal T3. The taxi rank is connected to the train station by a pedestrian walkway.
Malaga taxis are white with a blue lateral stripe. A taxi from the airport to the city centre may cost between 20€ and 25€. Fares are a bit more expensive on the weekend and at night (between 10pm and 6am). The taxi from the Computer Engineering School to the airport takes around 15-20 minutes. From the city centre to the airport you should allow 20 to 25 minutes to be on the safe side.


Between the city centre and the conference venue

Both “Full Conference” and “Conference-only” ICSOC 2017 attendees will be provided with a prepaid top-up travel card that entitles the holder to an unlimited number of trips, providing the card has sufficient credit. Then it can be recharged but only with minimum of 5€.

Where can I use the travel card?

  • On local (EMT) buses, but not for the airport service (line A).
  • On the underground (metroMalaga) trains.
  • On Renfe suburban train services –including your return trip to the airport. The card can be used to purchase tickets from the machines located inside the train stations.

How does it work?

  • On the underground, just put your card on top of the access control for entering the platform, which will automatically charge the price of the fare.
  • On the bus, when boarding it by the front door (please respect the queue, it’s a local habit :-), passengers must place the card in front of the reader by the driver’s seat.
  • Up to 15 passengers can purchase tickets using a single travel card providing the last ticket is obtained within a maximum of 3 minutes after the first.


Journeys made using the travel card may be divided into stages. Any stage after the first will be counted as a transfer providing:

  • The passenger has not exceeded the time limit established for transfers to be made.
  • The passenger is not travelling on the same line used in the previous stage of the journey.
  • The next stage of the journey does not exceed the number of fare crossings for which the passenger’s card is configured (while moving within Malaga city or to/from the airport you won’t need to care about this).
  • No transfer restrictions exist between the service used in the first stage and that to be used next.
  • In the case of several passengers travelling together, their number is not greater than it was during the previous stage.

In addition, passengers on EMT local services in Malaga may change buses free of charge within a maximum of one hour starting from the beginning of the first local bus stage.

Direct bus route to Campus is the number 11, El Palo – Alameda Principal – Universidad. Buses run every 10-15 minutes and the journey takes between 15 and 20 minutes. To take a local bus from the city centre you go to Avenida Alameda Principal, and get off at the Hospital Clínico stop. The Computer Engineering School is located 50 metres in front of the stop.


      • Single ticket: 1.30€ (1 trip). It can be purchased on the bus itself.
You can use the bus whenever you want, with 1 hour’s grace for transfers between different routes. The change is only valid for different routes. It cannot be used for journeys to and from the airport.


Line 1 from El Perchel stop (next to María Zambrano Central Station) toward Andalucía Tech. The Clínico stop is one-minute walk from the conference venue.
      • Single Ticket: 0.30€ (card) + 1.35€ (1 trip). It can be purchased at stations and stops. This top up ticket can be charged from 1 to 9 trips. It can be shared by multiple passengers, meaning it can be used by various people on the same trip, on the proviso they all travel together.
There are taxi ranks at the door of most hotels, or very close to them. To go from the conference venue back to the city centre (10 minutes) or directly to the airport (25 minutes) by taxi, you can either ask somebody at the ICSOC registration desk to order you a taxi, or walk to the taxi rank at the Hospital Clínico (150 m. away from the conference venue).